Best Free MP3 Downloads for Spring of 2015

Spring has sprung and it’s time to announce the best free MP3 downloads for this general time frame!

For this selection of music downloads I’m taking inspiration from spring rain. Even though it’s the same theme your first grade teacher would pick, music sounds so much better when it’s raining outside. Here are 14 new tracks to add to your rotation for free. (That’s a full disc.) Congratulations to the artists!


1. Bobby Normaud “THE DOORS X PEACE FROG”:

Something about listening to Jim Morrison’s voice dubbed over house is oddly soothing.

2. Cashmere Cat and DJ Mustard “Ice Rink”

When Cashmere Cat and DJ Mustard got together on a track they called it “Ice Rink.”

3. Cassius Select “Cross Strut”

Cassius is selecting music for XLR8R now. This is what he chose this month.

4. Creature in the Woods “Beneath the Sun” featuring Elishia Cole

This producer sent me his new EP and this is the first song on it. The funny thing is he has a similar name to my Sim’s band the Woodland Creatures.

5. Daktyl “Salters” featuring Jennifer Akerman

Some new melodic orchestral electronica from Mad Decent Records.

6. Designer Drugs X Shamon Cassette “Gucci Raps”

I can’t afford Gucci, but I have been snorkeling and I looked hot underwater.

7. Duke Dumont “Won’t Look Back” (Disco Fries and Aylen remix)

When Disco Fries and Aylen remixed Duke Dumont I was all like, “What?”

8. Foxsky “My Friend the Yellowtail” featuring Negitoro

We haven’t heard anything new from Foxsky in awhile. I really like the hook that asks why it has to be so hard.

9. Janet Jackson “Pleasure Principle” (Classixx remix)

It seems like a lot of EDM producers have been remixing Jackson lately.

10. Late Nite Tuff Guy “I Get Deeper” (Cassian rework)

Some deep house from Late Nite Tuff Guy and Cassian.

11. Mitski “Francis Forever” (Ryan Hemsworth remix)

Has Australian Ryan Hemsworth done it again? Click play and find out.

12. P. Morris “Moving On”

Released for free with another track by Sweater Beaters called “Young Love.”

13. Riff Raff “Tip Toe Wing in my Jawwdinz” (Jauz remix)

I find the Jauz remix of this new Riff Raff song to be much catchier and more memorable than the original.

14. Whitney Houston “It’s Not Right, But It’s Okay” (In the Night remix)

In the Night’s remix of a retro Whitney Houston track beautifully re-captures the pain in her voice.

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