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On Making Music Video Transitions


BB demonstrates how to make a VJ transition (in beta). Each song has been assigned a corresponding video. Watch the video mash ups (if you want). And then scroll to the bottom to see what happens when we mix them together.


Track 1. Nina Simone “Feeling Good” (Solidisco remix) 

I’m not sure if Simone took drugs but I’m usually feeling pretty good after smoking marijuana. Isn’t the future awesome?!


Track 2. AC Slater “Drink It Down” (free music download)

AC Slater offered this tune up for free off his new EP. I’m sure he must be thrilled to receive this honorary music video to commemorate the achievement.


Track 3. Nirvana “You Know You’re Right” (Origin & Reid Speed remix)

It’s ironic in that marijuana activists know they are right, and this is a pro hemp film from the US Department of Agriculture dating back to the 1940s.


VJ BB: On Making Music Video Transitions

This part is important!



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